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Current Maintenance Announcements


Due to the storm last week we have been impacted with an unusually high number of work orders. In order to efficiently and expeditiously work through them we are requesting that for the next week (or 2) that residents limit inputting new work orders to only items that are safety or priority related. These would include: plumbing clogs, leaks, lighting and electrical.

Likewise if you have a work request in for a specific issue already we will be addressing it ASAP and you will be notified electronically through email when the work has been completed. We ask that you do not enter additional work requests for the same issue as that creates duplicates in the system.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience.

The Department of Housing & Residential Education, Facilities Maintenance would like to WELCOME new and returning residents for Fall 2016! Our department is committed to making your living space(s) as safe and comfortable as possible. Using this sight is a very important step in helping us, help you by reporting any and all maintenance or housekeeping needs for your living space. We encourage you take a few minutes throughout the semester to assess your room, suite or apartment for any issues. Enter them on to a work request and be as detailed as possible. One of our staff members will be by to look over your concern and make any repairs or fixes necessary. Periodically check this page for any ongoing maintenance announcements or updates on critical repairs in the housing areas.

We ask that when it comes to any emergency repairs (life or property threatening) that you contact our office directly Monday through Friday at 813-974-3446. After-hours/weekends or holidays contact your RA staff immediately.

Each residential building has a specific bed program which indicates if you can have your bed bunked, lofted, raised or lowered to a specific height. Please see your RA staff if you have any questions on these guidelines for your designated building.

If your living in a building where you can have your bed raised, lowered, lofted or bunked please submit a work request and our staff will come out and assess your bed and set it to the height you request. We ask that you please be patient with us as we receive hundreds of work requests upon the new school year. Make sure to indicate on the work order information space which bed in the room, or what side of the room it is located. Likewise, also indicate at what level to place the bed by counting the clips in the bed frame. Until we have had a chance to alter your bed, please refrain from keeping personal items on your mattress until our staff has been able to adjust the height.

Thank you all and have a great semester. GO BULLS!

Work orders should be submitted for non-emergency housing maintenance requests.

For all internet or phone issues, please DO NOT submit a work order.
Instead, contact the USF IT Help desk at help@usf.edu or 813-974-1222.

The first time you submit a request, you will need to register. Thereafter, your contact information will pull up automatically. Please make sure to complete all fields on the work order form (name, e-mail, building, area, room, etc). This information will help us to respond to your work order request in a timely manner.

Before getting started, you will need the following things:

  • Valid USF or Domain.com E-mail Address
  • Submittal Password: usf
  • Organization Code: 107698592 (if prompted)


In cases of emergency maintenance issues (water flood, building power outage, etc.),
please contact the following:
Monday - Friday (8AM - 5PM)
All residents Call (813) 974-3446

Weeknights, Weekends, & Holidays
Juniper-Poplar & Magnolia residents Call (813) 974-0800
Andros, Beta, Castor, Cypress, Greek Village, Holly, Kosove, & Maple residents Call (813) 974-7000