The Residence Hall Association at the University South Florida, herein referred to as the RHA, has been established for the purpose of representing and helping student residents address issues and concerns about their welfare at USF. In addition, it will also serve to generate and support activities and programs with the goal of uniting all halls as a community and governmental body on campus.

RHA Meetings take place Monday evenings at 7:30 PM
and are located in the Maple C Classroom (MPC on a campus map)

Meeting Day Time Place
Programming Monday 4 - 5pm RHA Office
PRAC Monday 5:00pm Juniper-Poplar Resource Room
FAB Thursday 6:30pm RHA Office
RCC Wednesdays 6:30pm RHA Office
Board of Governors Bi-Thursdays 6:30pm RHA Office

Have a question, comment, or concern? Email us and we will be happy to assist.