Starting college is important – but so is finishing. Did you know that students who live on campus for at least a year tend to graduate in less time and at a higher rate than those who have never lived on campus? As part of your path to success, you will choose from living options planned specifically for your needs as a first-year student. As an upperclassman, you will have different options.

5 Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the online application (all first-year students living on campus are required to select a meal plan as part of the application).
  2. Submit your $50 application fee.
  3. Submit your $200 pre-payment (which is credited to your semester charges).
  4. Submit your Student Health Services immunization information.
  5. Reserve an orientation session.

    > > Once these steps are complete, you will be eligible to receive a housing assignment.

Want to live in a Living Learning Community (LLC)? Students who would like to live in an LLC must complete the LLC application in addition to the housing application. Learn more and apply to live in an LLC.
First Year Live On Campus Requirement

The University of South Florida is committed to providing all of its students with a comprehensive educational experience. There are numerous educational and social benefits for first year students living in the residence halls that may not be realized by those living off campus. With this understanding, USF requires all first year students to live on campus.

First Year undergraduate students enrolled as full-time students, as defined in the University of South Florida Undergraduate Bulletin, are required to live in on-campus. Students first enrolling in the Summer are required to live in the residence halls during the Summer, Fall and Spring terms. Students first enrolling in the Fall are required to live in the residence halls during the Fall and Spring Semesters. Students first enrolling in the Spring are required to live in the residence halls during the Spring Semester.

Exemptions from the First Year Live On Campus Requirement
Students may be exempt from the requirement to live in the residence halls if:
  • The student will reach the age of 21 prior to the first day of classes of their first term of enrollment
  • The student is married
  • The student has dependent family (children or parents) under the student’s care
  • The student resides in the principal residence of a parent or legal guardian within the counties of Hillsborough, Pasco, or Pinellas. Students desiring this exemption must apply and provide parent or legal guardian endorsement.

In addition, requests for exemption to the first year live on campus requirement on the basis of compelling individual circumstances will be considered.

For additional information regarding requests for exemption, contact the Assignments Office of the Department of Housing & Residential Education.

Failure to comply with the First Year Live-On Requirement by not registering for housing, assuming occupancy in a University residence hall, and/or providing false or misleading information in connection with a request for exemption will be referred to the Office of Student’s Rights and Responsibilities and may result in cancellation of enrollment and revocation of student status at the University of South Florida.

If a first year student is removed from on-campus housing due to disciplinary action, the student may also be suspended from the University. As all first year students (excluding Hillsborough, Pasco, and Pinellas Counties) must live in on campus housing, and housing is allocated accordingly. Any first year student whose conduct results in their being forced to leave on campus housing due to violations of the contract or the USF Code of Conduct, shall be responsible for the ENTIRE housing fee. No refund or credit will be given to the student if removed from housing for cause.

Procedures for Reviewing Requests for Exemption from Live On Campus Requirement

All correspondence regarding exemption requests should be addressed to:

Housing & Residential Education
University of South Florida
4202 East Fowler Avenue RAR229
Tampa, Florida 33620-7700
Fax: 813-974-5152
Phone: 813-974-0001
Email: housing@usf.edu

The Assistant Director of Housing & Residential Education for Assignments or his/her designee will review requests for exemption within a timely manner. Additional information may be required of some applicants. Applicants will be notified of decisions regarding requests for exemption via email.

Individual students may appeal, in writing, the denial of the request for exemption to an appeals committee:
  1. Written appeals must be submitted to the Housing Assignments Office not later than ten (10) working days after notice has been sent that a request for exemption has been denied.

  2. Appeals will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee within twenty one (21) days. The committee consists of (a) one member of the faculty appointed by Academic Affairs, (b) one Student Affairs Division professional staff member appointed by the Vice President of Student Affairs, and (c) one Housing Department professional staff member appointed by the Assistant Vice President of Housing & Residential Education and (d) one resident appointed by the Residence Hall Association.

  3. The Appeals Committee may consult with other units of the University, including, but not limited to, the Student Health Center, the Disability Services Office, and the Office of Student Financial Aid when appropriate.

  4. Decisions of the appeals committee will be communicated, in writing, within a reasonable time from the date that the appeal is reviewed by the committee.

  5. Decisions of the appeals committee will be final.

Apply for an exemption in the Housing Portal


Hall Options for 2015-2016

Traditional Style
  • Beta
  • Castor
Suite Style
  • Cypress Suites (triple-occupancy bedrooms for 2015-16)
  • Maple Hall B
  • Poplar Hall
  • Andros 1 Area (double bedroom suites)
  • Delta Hall
  • Epsilon Hall (Open over winter break for additional fee)
  • Eta Hall
  • Zeta Hall (Open over winter break for additional fee)
  • Andros 2 Area (single bedroom suites)*
  • Iota Hall
  • Kappa Hall
  • Lambda Hall (female only)
  • Mu Hall
  • Theta Hall

*Andros 2 suites are structural double rooms and may be converted to double occupancy if additional space is needed

Apartment Style
  • Holly Apartments (Open over winter break for additional fee)
  • Kosove Apartments

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Unique Communities

2015 Summer Housing

  • Magnolia Apartments
  • Juniper Hall
  • Poplar Hall
To meet the varied needs of incoming and returning residents, the list of available residence halls may change. The list above is subject to change without notice.
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Use this form to request an assignment change for your fall assignment prior to your arrival on campus. All requests must be submitted before August 1. Assignment changes are not guaranteed and rosters are final beginning August 1. After logging in, please select "Change Room Request" from the menu.

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