Starting college is important – but so is finishing. Did you know that students who live on campus for at least a year tend to graduate in less time and at a higher rate than those who have never lived on campus? As part of your path to success, you will choose from living options planned specifically for your needs as a first-year student. As an upperclassman, you will have different options.

Student Success through Residential Experience

Congratulations on becoming a Bull! We look forward to you joining our dynamic residential community. Each of our three different residence hall styles can meet the needs of every student. Whether you choose a traditional, suite, or apartment residence hall, you will quickly develop a community bond that will help with your personal and academic success.

Nationally, students who live on campus perform better academically, build connections to the university community, advance their personal development, and adjust to their environment more quickly. Within the residential community, there are three full-time Faculty-in-Residence who live on campus as well as over a dozen Faculty Fellows who are ready to assist in your academic success. The campus residential experience is not just important, it is essential. Living on campus is one of the most important factors to consider when planning educational goals.

Our Residential Curriculum exists to continue the learning outside of the classroom and inside the residence hall. Masters-level professionals foster engaging learning environments within the residence halls that promote academic engagement, interpersonal skills, global citizenship, and holistic personal wellness.

Here's what our 2015 surveyed residents are saying about living on campus:
  • 97.3% felt safe residing in USF housing on campus
  • 91.4% expressed that living on campus enhanced their time management skills
  • 94.6% indicated that living on campus made them a better problem solver
  • 94.2% stated that living on campus provided them a stronger social, work, and academic balance
  • 95.3% experienced a feeling of acceptance by others in their housing community
  • 88.6% were impacted enough by their residential experience that it influenced their decision to live on campus for another year
  • 90.3% would recommend living on campus to new students

Invest in your future. Living on campus provides a lifetime return on investment. All students are strongly encouraged to live on campus to build a strong foundation that will support a lifetime of achievement.

4 Steps to Apply

  1. Complete the online application (all first-year students living on campus are required to select a meal plan as part of the application).
  2. Submit your $150 application fee.
  3. Submit your Student Health Services immunization information.
  4. Reserve an orientation session.

    > > Once these steps are complete, you will be eligible to receive a housing assignment.

Want to live in a Living Learning Community (LLC)? Students who would like to live in an LLC must complete the LLC application in addition to the housing application. Learn more and apply to live in an LLC.
Hall Options for 2016-2017

Traditional Style
  • Beta
  • Castor
Suite Style
  • Cypress Suites
  • Maple Hall B
  • Poplar Hall
  • Andros 1 Area
  • Epsilon Hall (Tentative: Open over winter break for additional fee)
  • Andros 2 Area
  • Iota Hall
  • Kappa Hall
  • Lambda Hall (female only)
  • Mu Hall
  • Theta Hall
Apartment Style
  • Holly Apartments (Tentative: Open over winter break for additional fee)
  • Kosove Apartments

Living Learning Communities (LLCs)

Unique Communities

2016 Summer Housing

  • Magnolia Apartments
  • Juniper Hall
  • Poplar Hall
To meet the varied needs of incoming and returning residents, the list of available residence halls may change. The list above is subject to change without notice.
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